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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


All my stay was just the count of @ three years.Today,i will go with the branded products synthesis in my brain and soul.Life is all I take every mini second that covered with up's and down's.I met him.I met her. We are just the way we are sucking the battle of life.But memmories that we gonna take would be sweet.
Sooner or later .............I wanna go......they wanna filter me and send me @ serve the nation.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A beggar of love…

Sonam was struck with the new number rattling him to pick it up in front of crowds of his friends in the room. He did it and went out to keep his friends undisturbed and too that to him. He was surprised to hear a familiar voice from the other end of a call, which that reminds him of familiar but unscreened. He tries to recollect who the girl could possibly be and to his able, that was out of reach. He could find no ways rather than to ask her,
Sonam, “sorry, I couldn’t remember you”
Form other end, “can you guess then?”
Sonam, “are you Tashi, then?” (Tashi is his classmate friend)
Other end, “no, I am not. It could possibly mean that you have forgotten me.”
Sonam, “no, its not that I have forgotten, I am not able in this very moment. Can you suggest me
any clue then?”

He was kept silent for few more minutes with certain clues but yet he was not in a position to break the wall to recognize her. Then at last, he pleaded with no hope of convincing her of who she could be.
Sonam “am sorry la. I couldn’t, even with this given clue”.
Other end, “sorry too la. I didn’t expect this from you la. Anyway, am Deki calling from
Thimphu. I came here last …”

That was the call unexpected and which that never thought and dreamt of. But the call has now circum the world of his peace and he was innocently being dragged to their forgone life memories and he could heard no more words from other ends, yet still under conversation. He was lost in the thoughts of past, how happily they were once in the blue moon. From that day, starts the world of sharing the feelings and once again creeping into an action of active but hidden love… he tries every means to convey her about their once love and no doubt he bears the same instinct of love that he had.

He apologies her of not being able to remember her and nevertheless, she accepts that because they were away for nearly six years. Then he would make a call every now then besides financial crisis through landing the help from his supportive friends. They desire to go for the long talk until the harsh of the bar of account balance could stop them. Nonetheless, she too begged sorry for having said without realizing the facts of time they were apart for. She too feels the warmth of their togetherness through sharing but wants to get out of the trap once she got into…what that days could have been and how they are related and to the Zeist why she wants to get out of the pitfalls of whom? This is the story…

Sonam and Deki were neighborhood and close relatives too. They were born and brought up in the tiny village of Trashi Thangjey, Jomodung, under Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag. Deki is two years younger to Sonam and one year junior to him in studies. Date backs to those days and of two innocents lives, they were enjoying the fruit of true relationship as their parents were. But more, two fathers of an innocent have agreed to each others view that they would let Sonam and Deki get married. With that, they even called the two buds as their respective in-laws.

Unfortunately, when Sonam was in three and Deki in two standards, she left the school. That gave a hurt blow to Sonam’s companionship. Yet from the bud, they were true to themselves in keeping their true image.

When Sonam was in seventh standard it would possibly mean that he is quite grown up realize the facts of life could be. Deki too in her own way, she was prettily grown. She became the eye catcher and center of attraction for every youth that pass her but Sonam became the eye sour to every passer by as there was a relation between the two. Yet Deki was determined to be with Sonam.

But meantime, Deki left to Phuntsholing with one of the head of Arm force not that she got married to but as a baby sister or to take care of the baby. That created a big uncertainty of their future being together. Then there is no information between the two and no communication gap could further widen, Sonam got his studies in other school.

After two years, the shocking news pears through Sonam’s heart. What news that could be? The news is very short an as simple, “Deki got married… Deki got married… Deki got married…” With whom and where she… does not seem to be mattered but what’s about their once relation, could hunt the memories of Sonam. “A death in the living”, he describe to himself. He was left with no idea to whom and what he can ask but only to wait until he sees her back again.

Three years later when Sonam was in tenth grade, he was joining his parents during winter vacation in the village. Unexpectedly and more over without any news of her arrival, in one of the fine morning, two of them were of the platform of a water tap, both in a rush and busily brushing their teeth. There he was fixed for sometime. He was left with no words she too. He could sense her appearance, features, styles and all the uniqueness that she possess before were all lost and accumulated every inch, a new and so fashionable. With those changes, he could not believe her as Deki, but he dragged his ragged memories and pleasant feeling of her facial expression could remind him of, that she is Deki, his once beloved. They share their feelings through sight but could not speak from either side. They had the feelings of strong desire to share the thoughts gathered all this time but favored with circumstance as they are now individual. Within no time, they were followed by many people in fetching water.

Sonam is poisoned with food of love and lost his appetite. His only mother, worried about the cause of Sonam’s disease. He is damned sure that she cannot be his all time to come because she is married but he had a hope that he could at least talk to her to get relief off their love.

Time hastily came for Sonam to return for next session of busy classroom schedule. That cruelty of time got them departed without having a word being shared. Since then, Sonam got no information of where she lives and what she does, but rumors could create it, she got divorced with her husband.

Meantime, Sonam was in eleventh standard, continuing his studies. Till date he got no information in whereabouts of Deki. He enquires about her, to her relatives but none of the enquirer is in the position to satiate and quench the thirst of his desire in knowing about her. He was left with no choice but rather then to go with what comes on the way to his journey in his short life.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Sonam’s rough road to life’s journey has now paved with coming in contact with Tshering. To him, he took this as an impractical happiness engraved in their soul to rest his arm in the absence of Deki. But that took a zest tack of opportune in leading one to one in the greenery of other side of the bridge. Situation demands Sonam to think more then what he does. While Sonam couldn’t decide the path he wants to take, Tshering wants him to follow her. Yet Sonam didn’t come to a conclusion with Tshering’s decision because of the thought that there might be any pitfalls on the way to smooth journey of life.

Tshering is pretty looking girl in neighborhood village to Sonam. But they have neither heard nor seen each other until when Sonam met her on the way to local festival (cham) which is grandly celebrated in that locality. A first person he met and that opens their heart to both ways. From the day onward, their love grew firmly in an enclosed but yet disclose to everyone. The moment became too intimate to two fellows and that made them shared everything with utmost keeping no boundary. Such relation misleads the growth of truth and happier walks of life into eves and flows. That twist is too intensive and dense for this two extremer and befalls a sorrowful pleasure to two creatures.

In 2006, Sonam was in class twelve. He sensed and realized that education means everything to and got his socks pulled up to his primary duties in the school. That matters much and he achieved a good grade in mid term exam. He scored the marks ranging from nineties to seventies and ranks himself third position in the class. His work and studies were appreciated by every teacher and by all his friends.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bhutan, Your choice to visit.

Sandwiched between giant China and Indian countries,Bhutan taste sweet with its survival in a peace and prosperous way.

Bhutan's landscape ranges from subtropical plains in the south to the Sub-alpine Himalayan heights in the north, with some peaks exceeding 7,000 metres (23,000 ft).

The state religion is Vajrayana Buddhism, and the population of 691,141 is predominantly Buddhist, with Hinduism being the second-largest religion. The capital and largest city is Thimphu.

After centuries of direct monarchic rule, the King voluntarily abdicated himself for his son and devolved power to the people.Bhutan held its first democratic elections in March 2008 and Druk Phunsum Tshogpa (Peace and Prosperous Party) won by a landslide margin (winning 45 out of the 47 seats).

Among other international associations, Bhutan is a member of the United Nations and the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and hosted the Sixteenth SAARC summit in April 2010. The total area of the country is currently 38,816 square kilometres (14,987 sq mi)

Reason to be your distination

1. GNH(Gross National Happiness) country

Happiness is the key philosophy of development.

2.Beautiful Home Under The Asian Nation(Bhutan)
Peace of shangri-la exist with mesmerizing of age old traditions and cultures.

This short write up bring to the exposure of the country, Bhutan to the world wide through this blog to welcome all generation to mark your foot print.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Celebration manic

Come 23rd September,it will be the joyous celebration that our Bhutanese celebrate as Blessed rainy day but for most of the people, it will be just the reminiscence to mark a year of earth quake.

when we are lost in the deep sense of entertainment or celebration, we tend to forget the other side of coin.It just happened last year when it was left just 12 hours to hit the celebration,the well prepaid to celebrate the day was jeopardized with strong fold of vibration, Earth quake.

The day of Blessed rainy day(Thruebab)was not echoed with the laughter but the hues of cry and worries.People handled not games equipment but working tools and discovering their lost materials.

Life is uncertain, yet natural calamities are uncertain too.JUST BE PREPAID.....when every laughter to happen there remains a sadness to cover us in dark corner.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Turn Not....u may ruin.....

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"Hanging along with your favorite friends to a party or beach seems momentary as what comes @ next is doubtful." Yesterday, having met with my school days friend made me high.But where is that happiness now when my teacher scold me of my carelessness. Happiness was just short duration and sadness would be too. Most people are seek of the world with such trend revolving that transcends from generation to generation. All we need is 'Have CHANGE' by your thought and your action.
If you pause and reflect to your ancestors. They passed along the way of suffering and could not tackle to lead the life journey of ending happiness. Every side of world echoes the voice of man complaining.I wonder not having everlasting peace and happiness residing in us.But 'TURN NOT' when you grasp the happiness and laughter in your heart. Move on and carry it to the last phase of life.Do not let the evil to catch you and ruin you.

If we put to deep thought, our purpose on this earth is not to receive the burden of life. This short life is to be best use for the happiness.
Country like Bhutan, now shines with its development philosophy of Gross National Happiness.Front page of Bhutan daily News reads 'Brawl among girls results in bruises'. We can't aspect such incidences to happen in GNH country but today, when I browsed the Yahoo News, it reads the bomb blasting and killing of scores in other countries.Now compare the news that reads. Think it, just simple bruises and scratches makes the headline news for GNH country in which other countries media would not have space to share such small cases.People of happiness country, Bhutan are so much concern even in small cases because the seed of happiness resides in them. Everyone can clearly notify that Bhutan consider 'HAPPINESS" is above all as every human being desire for it to rule with.Hope, in future too, our country Bhutan would always govern with such headlines with great concern from citizens though it is undergoing series of development.
As said,"It is not that how much you live long, but how well you live" So happiness is not a goal to aim for it, every moment you take,take happiness.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

What is happening....happening for good reason

Sometimes nothing seems to work as we planned or as per our thought. We are so disheartened with such situation stepping on our door. We try to seek help with prayers to God, financial supports from bank, passing of documents to be done by friends and we lose to each and every nook for the success of our plan. At last, when our dream can not be the destined, we traumatized our self to the distraught world.

It is question of survival that we feel and not the question of happiness, when such intended plan fails but no one become conscious to think that what is happening is happening for good reason. You have planned to go shopping or to have date with your lover today, but you missed out due to guest in your home. You feel annoyed. It is early morning news from media that bomb explored in the place you intended to go for shopping or for a date. How do you feel? It’s lucky that you are not victim.

Yesterday, our relation was conked out with love ones and we start to catch up with wine or beer. We would not realize that our breakage was happened for good reason, instead we stick on to say that our whole life is crashing down.

We might be departed from the person that we love the most but we might be destined to meet with the person that love us most.This Life is so special that even when our ancestors created us, they have no reason to create us for suffering. They reasoned by the senses of world and life. Thus, generation to generation of evolution happens where every second is to be killed for the happiness.

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To be continued...........

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My understanding of Teaching Practice

I personally believe that it is indeed more than a golden opportunity in our lives to prove ourselves as the competent human beings. It is exact period where we the trainee teachers can put the theories of teaching into real practice in the schools, which seems to be a bag full of questions.

It may be or may not be a cup of tea. Teaching practice unlocks the door to the unique platform of life in which we are being eyed upon differently by the world.
Teaching practice decorates us with ample of flowery words like role models, noble men, God of gods, social animator and so on. I am sorry to share this simple doubt “Am I really destined to be a teacher or is it just going to be a simple play of my life?” How many of s really confident about the expectation of the world?
Therefore, teaching practice temporally permits us to our relatively permanent seat. It is right time to see the future and eventually it’s all upon us whether to welcome it or not.

History of Thinleygang School

I am just below Dochula

I am a hereditary of Bhutanese Education and have a close relationship with Samtse College of Education. It’s my greatest boon to be born in the blissful hamlet of Thinleygang where so many preachers had once visited. It’s just a one and half hour drive from capital and thirty minutes from wangdue Phodrang and Punakha. But remember to be little careful for the road is not as good as before due to construction works. On the way you will completely forget the meaning of boredom in your life since the Shangri-La of Dochula feels the touch of heaven and view from it will be the perfect guides to your destination. I am just below Dochula. My neighbors are Talo Dratshang, Nalada Dratshang, Pamala hotel and Botanical garden. Almost all the tourist visit firstly my hamlet; Dochula for its beauty and religious ground.

I am thirty four years younger than Samtse College of Education

I was born with only handful of teachers and hundreds of learner in the year 2001 and named as Thinleygang high school. I could not hold many responsibilities for I was very young and innocent. Now, since I am grown up and have enough experiences, I am bestowed with many crucial responsibilities of the country. I give education for the learners from class seven till ten and even I used to train some of the trainees from teaching Colleges. Today, I enjoy the pride of having more than three hundred learners with twenty staffs directed by a dynamic leader. Day by day, I am growing up with new construction of buildings and sports facilities, which in turn enhances my dreams and aspirations to produce the most productive GNH students to serve the TSA WA SUM

My first day in School

Amidst the cold winter, the bus rushed its way from Gelephu to Thimphu reaching me only at 4.00 pm as journey begun at morning 7.00am. The soft cushioned seats in the bus failed to answer my queries. I leaned on the seats eye closed but with open mind. The following questions charged me now and again. Which place is called Thinleygang? How successful would I be in practicing skills and strategies? Would the school supply me with necessary teaching materials? Should I be so close with teachers and students or draw a line of relationship with them? How would I help the school in other areas? Will it be a memorable thing for me or not? I was fully preoccupied with all those stuffs. The very reason that made me uneasy in the cozy bus was where is Thinleygang? I had to enquire bus conductor whether I was reaching Thinleygang or not at every small town I see because I heard that Thinleygang got a small line shops. I wondered ‘Is this the way how Lord Buddha had analyzed the life and got enlightened?’ I was filled with voiceless laughter.

Certainly on 10th February 2009, I made my way to the school, which is just a stone throw distance from my rented house where two rooms were occupied along with two friends of mine. At the morning, first academic year of 2009 began with long ringing bell of assembly. I could hear the irregular throbbing of my heart beat against the chest and relized that facing a crowd is not piece of cake I could take. Slowly I murmured to the crowd of my purpose to be here and identity.
Soon, I saw myself as a tiny figure in the class that I suppose to teach. It was unusual to see students with hyperactive and enthusiastic to learn. But when I was a Boss, I was Boss. So, I took just couple of minutes in familiarizing them to the subject. Thereafter I played my world. I was never for the long introductory session and I attempted to deliver a conditional speech so as to make the aware of my expectations from them as follow: “Hello my students, my six months of stay here should prove that I am progressing for my professional. I f you possess too high expectations from me, I would rather request you to make it nominal and vice versa. You should know that I am not placed here because of my unexceptional talent in teaching. I am here for learning myself. I perceive myself of having more rooms for patience but men with certain limitations.I do not expect anything grand from you all other than a sincere cooperation. We shall always believe in reciprocal teaching. Please help me to help you.” Suddenly, one gentle boy smartly stood up and said that he liked my way of smiling. Whole class broke out into laughter and I responded with big smile that I smile for many purposes.

My mentor, really a mentor.

Yes, she was more than the mentor, indeed I describe her as the ‘Perfect mentor.’ My mentor was so tactful in molding me. By her appearance one may read her as little serious and particular. But, you will come to know the beautiful truth if you could talk with her for a day. I was very much moved by the teaching skill of Principal that full energy and zeal possess in his teaching motivates the whole ship to sail. I cannot dream of forgetting the good communication skill of focal person. I mean to extend the appreciation of spoken English and his sociability.

Will continue……………………
Source: Tshering Tobgay’s 1 chapter of teaching

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Walk to Educate-‘Education Walk’

This year a group of fifteen boys volunteered to keep the trend of what so called ‘Education Walk’ founded by ex trainee teacher Phub Dorji in year 2009. Unlike past were ‘Education walk’ was solely conducted by final year students, this year it was organized by second year students and participated by final year students.

Group of volunteers

After undergoing month long vagarious learning and practices, fifteen boys with support from various organizations took up the journey. It was in midyear break for Samtse College of Education that when rest of the trainees set their journey to respective likely home, fifteen boys set their journey of miles to one of the remotest village of country, Lengzhi, by walk from Drugyel Dzong, Paro.

Packing up for move

It was summer 19th June,2010, with auspicious day to take of long journey. The Director of Paro College of Education opened the way with good wishes to walkers. Amidst of rain, 20-25 kilograms of luggage on each individuals back, we threw our foot on path in every second.

First day Journey

First day journey was ended with taking shelter in Gunyetsawa school were we are warmly received by Royal Bhutan Army personnel and school members.We took two days in Gunyetsawa sharing various topics to students, teachers, army personnel and publics that we are intend to do so. Our second day walk begun from Gunyetsawa at morning 7.00a.m and land up at a place called Thangthangka at 9.00p.m. But our planned route was to reach at place called Soe that we haven’t made it to and took a night at Army base camp. We felt the air getting thinner and thinner as we moved higher and higher and soon some of our friends were caught up with altitude sickness. Thus, team reduced to fourteen members in which one of our friend was sent back due to sickness.

Sickness taking over us

Jomolhari Mountain

Next day we had a short and relax journey till Soe, a place which is the base of mountain Jomolhari where we put up our night in one of the room at BHU. We missed the 28 degree temperature of Samtse in summer when we are just in snow covered place and our sleep in sleeping bag was never peace. Early morning we resumed walk to our last approach to destination Lengzhi. The main source of Paa chhu (Paro river), snow and glacier covering Jomolhari mountain remains down and soon we found on walking over Tsheringgang mountain.

Highest range to crossover: way to Lengzhi

Finally, the perfect view of Lengzhi Dzong from kilometers of distance removed our wearisome journey and soon we found in the premises of Lengzhi.

Lengzhi village.......

Within four nights and three days in Lengzhi School, we have successfully covered our aims, purpose and content of ‘Education walk’.
On 31st June, we felt summer was still alive when we reached back in Paro were its presence can’t be noticed in Lengzhi All it end was on 1st July with review of Education walk and we carried to home the memories to share………………………………………….